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Go Bum

Go Bum

Go Bum

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Tillywig Toy Review: Cleverly billed as "the cheeky version of Go Fish," this fresh and amusing update on the classic card game makes for enormously fun family entertainment. The sheer diversity of laughter-inducing bums (as in buttocks) is reason enough for celebration.

Each of the 25 different bum cards in the 50-card deck is delightfully illustrated, amusingly named, and well within the bounds of tastefulness.

Not only did parents and grandparents find Go Bum to be good clean family fun for even the youngest players, they deeply appreciated the ways in which the quirky, charming bum depictions enlivened game play from the get-go.

In addition to the standard rules (easily learnable in a minute or so) Go Bum also comes with a set of optional rules that serve to both ramp up the hilarity and give players a chance to rack up extra points at game's end, potentially pulling the rug out from under the would-be victor!

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