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Great Wyrms of Draka RPG - Plastic Dragon - Kuxcoatl

Great Wyrms of Draka RPG - Plastic Dragon - Kuxcoatl

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Kuxcoatl’s thirst for knowledge raised him above all others and transformed him into the grandest of them all. Still, inside the teeming, cryptic jungle known as The Arcanum Wilds, something has been stirring and it brings uninvited change with it. Is someone following Kuxcoatl’s example and furthering their knowledge to rule over any and all transformations? What lies at the end of the deep, puzzled-riddled maze surrounding the “Whisper of Change,” an object rumoured to unlock the most arcane secrets?

Detailed dragon miniatures are the perfect accompaniment to the Great Wyrms of Drakha RPG adventure book. They are supplied pre-assembled and ready to go.

  • Plastic Miniature (200mm tall)
  • 2 Interchangeable plastic parts (head, limb)
  • 3 Cards
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