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Gremlins - Stripe Phunny 8" Plush

Gremlins - Stripe Phunny 8" Plush



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Gremlins - Stripe Phunny 8" Plush

Full of creeps, monsters, and frights softened to huggable absurdity, Phunny plushes use Kidrobot's legendary quality and warped worldview to shake-up the plush category! The first wave of Phunny include this adorable array of Gremlins characters including Gizmo, Stripe and Mohawk. Keep these out of the light, don't give them any water, and never feed them after midnight! There are 3 rules to caring for Mogwai: 1) Keep him out of the light; sunlight will kill him. 2) Don't give him any water, not even to drink. 3) MOST IMPORTANT: never feed him after midnight. No. Matter. What. Stripe is what happens when you ignore rule #3; completely set on wreaking havoc, this Gremlin is just a real jerk. Crafted from the finest materials and featuring embroidered details, Stripe Phunny can be blamed for all the trouble you cause.

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