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Helpers of Catan

Helpers of Catan


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Helpers of Catan

Come meet some of the most influential and helpful people on Catan. They are offering their skills and experience to help you with your building plans. This small expansion is suitable for use with The Settlers of Catan and with Seafarers.

With the CATAN - Scenario - The Helpers, twelve new helpful characters are eager to lend a hand. Thorolf, Asla & Co support you and the other players while playing CATAN at the table. With the helpers the base game becomes even more diverse.

For example, Stina makes it easier for you to trade cards, Högni allows you to move a road, and Digur sends the robber back to the desert. Adepts say that this scenario adds a touch of Cities & Knights to the CATAN base game without making it more complex.

Players 3-6
Playtime 90mins
Age 10+

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