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Hide & Seek Safari Monkey II

Hide & Seek Safari Monkey II

Hide & Seek Pals


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Hide & Seek Safari Monkey II is a very exciting game for kids which is suitable for kids ages 4+

Below we have explained the rules of Hide & Seek Safari Monkey game in detail

  1. Place 9V battery in Monkey and 2 AAA batteries in Scanning device.
  2. Press the belly button on Monkey to turn on the Hide & Seek Safari Monkey game. Press and hold the button for 3 seconds to turn off. (The Monkey will automatically go into battery conserving sleep mode if a signal is not received after 20 minutes. To wake your monkey up from sleep mode, press the belly button).
  3. Hide the Monkey. Try to keep the holes on the back of the Monkey unobstructed. Do not hide the Monkey in a tightly sealed container such that the signal will not work. Hide & Seek Safari Monkey can be played indoors and outdoors and also can be used indoors and outdoors, but do not let the Monkey get wet.
  4. Player(s) can now press and hold the trigger on their Scanner and attempt to track down the Monkey. (The Scanning device will automatically shut off when the trigger is released).


A Greenlight tells you the Scanner is on. The remaining red lights will flicker and then become solid as you get closer to the Monkey.

The first red light tells you that the Monkey is straight ahead about 30-50 feet away. If it flickers, you’re not very close…

The strongest signal is when the Scanner is pointed in the exact direction of the Monkey. The Monkey will call out when you get within 2-3 feet of it.

The Scanner will transmit the monkey’s voice when you get near him.

When this happens, look around… the Monkey is VERY CLOSE!

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