Hoplomachus: Beast and Master Expansion

by Ozzie Collectables

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Hoplomachus [ha-ploh-ma-kuss], or "Hoplo" for short, is a hex-based tactical board game set inside a gladiatorial arena. One to four players, each representing an ancient city/civilization thought to have been lost to the world, are now on Rome's doorstep vying for a place in the prestigious arena games.

Players have a very clear objective: Eliminate the opponent's champion. Champions start the game in the arena but are inactive and defenseless. They will not fight until the crowd is behind them. Each player takes turns drawing, playing and moving gladiators from their "hand" and assisting them with tactic chips.

Based on opponent's moves and play style, each person will need to adjust their strategies. Defend your champ, take over and hold the crowd favor areas, assault opponent's champion, cover deployment zones, eliminate tactictions to reduce enemy options, fight beasts to gain crowd favor, the list of tactical possibilities is endless.

Hoplomachus combines combat, tactics, chip (units) management, level progression (though crowd favor system), team play, player vs board, and so much more.

Beast & Master: These 10 chips include an all new Gladiator and Beast for each of the 5 Cities that Hoplomachus has to offer. These will be the start of what will be the 'customizable' portion of the game. Playing with the Beasts and Beastmasters option will be determined before each battle begins!

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