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  • Card Number / Rarity: TG10/TG30 / Ultra Rare
  • Card Type / HP / Stage: Darkness / 130 / Stage 1
  • Card Text: Ability — Single Strike Roar
    Once during your turn, you may search your deck for a Single Strike Energy card and attach it to 1 of your Single Strike Pokemon. Then, shuffle your deck. If you attached Energy to a Pokemon in this way, put 2 damage counters on that Pokemon.
  • Attack 1: [1D] Darkness Fang (50)
  • Weakness / Resistance / Retreat Cost: Gx2 / None / 2
  • TCGplayer Tip: Houndoom has to hurt itself to use the first ability, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth it. This Pokémon can power up your Single Strike Pokémon quickly, and even though its attack is pretty low damage, the card is well worth using.

SWSH09: Brilliant Stars Trainer Gallery Singles. Placeholder Image Provided. The item available is listed in the Title. The item may be similar but not exactly the same as the image (e.g. variation to centering, holofoil pattern or surface detail). Listed cards may have imperfections.
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