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Hungry Attic Monsters Bitte Nicht Futtern

Hungry Attic Monsters Bitte Nicht Futtern

Ozzie Collectables

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A sign in the attic says "Please Don't Feed!" But why not? Something mysterious and alive seems to be hiding in the messy attic. Players bravely enter the attic to find out what's going on; they fearlessly slide aside the old junk. But what's hiding underneath? Suddenly there's a pair of curious eyes looking up at you. Crazy monsters have hidden themselves away under all the junk. And wow, do they look hungry! Will you be brave enough to feed them? It's best to feed only the hungriest of the monsters because after they've had something to eat, they burp so loudly that you get scared and run toward the exit. And grandma's guard dog, Pit, is sitting there... In Bitte nicht füttern!, only players who keep track of where the hungriest monsters are hidden and can distract the guard dog with a bone can continue to feed the monsters undisturbed! On a turn, slide one, two, three or four junk tiles in a row, either horizontally or vertically, then feed the monster under the junk (by using your colored pencil to draw a little snack in the monster's open mouth). If someone has already fed this monster; you move your game figure along the edge of the box bottom in a clockwise direction by as many fields as there are snacks in the monster's mouth.
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