Iello Mini Game Display

by Ozzie Collectables

$352.00 USD
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This countertop display ships pre-filled with 2 copies of each of Iello’s most popular Mini Game Line! Buy the bundle to increase your savings! Display comes with 2 free games. Information for each title is on the back of the display to aid in reordering. An easy way to try a variety of Iello’s most popular titles. Features three of the Top 10 sellers in Iello’s catalog. Contents: • 2x Candy Chaser (IEL51273) • 2x Kabuki (IEL51256) • 2x Kobayakawa (IEL51198) • 2x Ninja Taisen (IEL51364) • 2x Rent-A-Hero (IEL51308) • 2x Schotten Totten (IEL51303) • 2x Tem-Purr-A (IEL51283) • 2x Welcome Back to the Dungeon (IEL51305) • 2x Welcome to the Dungeon (IEL51234)