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Steve Jackson Games

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Secret societies vie for world domination

2-8 Players  |  60-180 Mins  |  Ages 12+

Features: Dice Rolling, Network and Route Building, Open Drafting, Tile Placement, Variable Player Powers

Theme: Card Game, Humor, Negotiation, Political, Science Fiction


The original classic game of conspiracy and world conquest, first published in 1982!

They’re all around us. Secret conspiracies are everywhere. The phone company is controlled by creatures from outer space.

The Congressional Wives have taken over the Pentagon. And the Boy Sprouts are cashing in their secret Swiss bank account to smash the IRS!

Key Features

• Illuminati is one of the all-time greats – a wicked combination of treachery, tactics, and comedy.

• Illuminati is full of hilarious satire, but it’s also a tense strategic game where reading and manipulating your opponents is as important as playing the right cards.

• How can you not love a game that lets you destroy the IRS? 

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