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Infinity RPG Haqqislam

Infinity RPG Haqqislam

Infinity RPG

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The blasted deserts of Bourak have transformed the renaissance of Haqqislam. Amidst the wondrous terraforming towers, the Merchant Guilds scheme to extend the tendrils of their trade empires out to the furthest reaches of the Human Sphere and Silk Lords strive to unlock the secrets of transhuman immortality. Unlock the depths of the secret Hassassins with new Lifepath options, equipment, and careers. Plus, a custom Corsairs campaign structure lets your players buckle their swashes as fearsome space pirates! 112-page colour softback sourcebook that unlocks the secrets of Bourak and Haqqislam. Expanded Lifepath options for Hassassins, Merchant Guilds, and Silk Lords, plus all the rules you need for a Corsairs campaign!
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