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Ivion - The Hound & the Hare

Ivion - The Hound & the Hare

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Ivion: The Hound and The Hare, you can battle as the wise and faithful Saint or the deceptive and cunning Illusionist. They can battle one another or any other character in the Ivion line of games.  THE ULTIMATE BATTLE EXPERIENCE. Enter a painstakingly crafted arena card game where you'll need every tool at your disposal to pull ahead. Tread lightly, for you'll find no mercy here.  Ivion is quick, strategic, and brutal. Welcome to the most intense and rewarding battle card game experience on the market!  Play with the heroes straight out of the box or build your own! A unique herocrafting system where you create your own legendary hero by combining capabilities of different characters. Combine abilities from three different boxed sets to create your ideal hero!              Close the gap with precisely executed assaults or keep your foes away with deadly traps and magical rifts. The battlefield is  ever-changing according to your capabilities.       Simply dealing damage isn't enough. You'll need to utilize the revolutionary Control system to slow your foe's advance, silence their magic and disarm their savage attacks.              “This is one of the most asymmetrical games I've ever played. That, combined with excellent tactical combat, mixed with incredible graphic design makes Ivion one of my most anticipated Kickstarter games!" - Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower. 

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