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Jurassic World - T-Rex Icons

Jurassic World - T-Rex Icons

Iron Studios

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Jurassic World - T-Rex Icons

Note: This product is expected to ship: Jul 2023 - Sept 2023 Inarguably, the world's most famous dinosaur, originally from North America, there isn't a dinosaur more iconic than Tyrannosaurus, or simply T-Rex. The "tyrant lizard" became the symbol of Jurassic Park's franchise, present in all the logos, and having a memorable appearance in every movie. T-Rex is the largest carnivore that lived in Isla Nublar, and, as such, it grew up to become a fearless, bold, and overbearing beast, that walks the line between being a hero and a villain. It's widely motivated by two goals: to keep intruders out of its territory, and to eat any eavesdropper that it finds. Known for participating in many incidents, and for saving the main human participants surrounded by other dangerous creatures, although inadvertently, playing the role as a kind of antihero in the movies. Iron Studios proudly present their new statue "T-Rex - Jurassic World - Icons". Based on the eponymous novel by Michael Crichton, the awarded filmmaker Steven Spielberg, and Universal Studios astonished the audiences worldwide in 1993 with the premiere of Jurassic Park in the movie theaters. Huge fans of the franchise, maintaining a successful partnership that started in 2017, Iron Studios present their new collection "Jurassic Park-Icons", with miniature statues over stylized pedestals with their logo, that meticulously bring the same realistic details on its anatomy and painting as seen in their larger-scale statues. Besides creating an opportunity for fans and collectors to expand their collection with new replicas of their most beloved Dinosaurs, this new line will bring new collectors, introducing an accessible cost-benefit format, both in price and size, impressing with its richness in detail and standard of excellence and quality that are trademarks of Iron Studios. For the first time attending with their own booth at SDCC 2022, Iron Studios introduced a preview with the prototypes of "Jurassic Park-Icons", with the statues of T-Rex, Velociraptors, and Brachiosaurus, and on the monthly show Inside Iron Studios Day on YouTube, presented the future releases of the line in more detail, making available for Pre-Order the statues T-Rex, Compsognathus and Velociraptor Blue inspired by Jurassic World. Soon many other dinosaurs from Jurassic Park and Jurassic World will come to expand this collection, which has already been approved by fans and collectors that are eagerly waiting for it.

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