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Kings of War Northern Alliance Mega Army

Kings of War Northern Alliance Mega Army

Mantic Games

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Kings of War Northern Alliance Mega Army

The humans of the Northern Alliance come mostly from the northern clans who have sworn allegiance to Talannar, but they can come from many disparate lands. Of these, some are remnants of eastern tribes desolated by Varangur raids. Others are refugees of wars to the south, or exiles from the numerous Kingdoms of Elves, Dwarfs and more. Whatever their heritage, each has found a home as part of the Alliance and will fight to their last breath to protect it.

Contents: 2 Tribesmen/Pack Hunters Troops, 4 Ice Kin Hunters/Berserkers Troops, 2 Raven Riders Regiments, 1 Cavern Dweller, 1 Thegn, 1x Northern Alliance Magazine.

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