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LANKYBOX Micro Mystery Figs Blind Box

LANKYBOX Micro Mystery Figs Blind Box


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LankyBox, the most highly viewed YouTube gaming duo in the world, features stars Justin and Adam, along with their cast of animated characters including Boxy, Foxy, and Rocky. They create high-energy, laugh-out-loud videos including challenges, gaming and shorts. These fan-favorite LankyBox characters have been brought to life in new and exciting collectible variations! Each blind pack contains 1 Micro Mystery LankyBox figure, with 12 unique characters to collect in the full assortment. Fans may even discover one of the awesome the ultra-rare Astro Foxy or LankyBot! The all-new Micro Mystery Figures collection has some of the coolest characters to date, and LankyBox followers will surely want to collect them all! Check out the LankyBox YouTube channel and find the toys having fun in the videos!

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