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Laserox Inserts - Caverna

Laserox Inserts - Caverna


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Laserox Inserts - Caverna

If you love Caverna™ as we do, you know the pain of putting all the components back to the bags after game. We offer a solution to get all the parts stored in an efficient and easy way.

With the expansion inside there is a 1cm lift lid. Offering two separate trays: one for storing all the wooden resources and the other for the cartboard buildings, coins and player materials. The parts come engraved, but it is also possible to order it without any engravement. We can also change the text into your language.


  • 2 separate trays
  • Personalized engravement if desired

Supports the following

  • Caverna: The Forgotten Folk

It comes disassembled and we advise to use a quick drying wood glue for assembly. It take about 30 minutes to put the insert together.

You can buy the expansion separately, if you bought our previous version Insert.

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