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LOKA: The Card Game

LOKA: The Card Game

River Horse


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It's a four-player trick-tacking card game for the entire family. Simple rules, sophisticated team-based gameplay, beautifully illustrated, with over forty new pieces of art. And yet very usable and very practical cards – it can be used either as The Tarot of Loka game, or as traditional Tarot, or as a set of normal playing cards.

The game is played in two teams of two players, sitting around table in alternating positions (as in bridge, for example...).

Two new cards have been added to the deck to make the deck unique and different from other trick-taking games.

In the basic rules, there is no following suit and the two extra cards have very simple rules. In the advanced rules, there is a following suit rule and the two cards play a much heavier effect on play, identifying one team as good and one as evil, thus associating that team with the two 'evil' suits and vice versa.

The players take tricks, winning them by playing a higher card of the led suit or by playing the highest trump (i.e. a major arcana). At the end of the game the cards taken by winning the tricks are added up (face cards, aces and some major arcana are worth more points).

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