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Mage Noir: Way of the Time-Bender

Mage Noir: Way of the Time-Bender

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Mage Noir is a whole new take on dueling strategy card games.

Discover the secret world of The Circle and learn magic. With this expansion, you can now wield the power of the Arcane element, manipulating space and time at your command to create lethal combinations. However, be cautious, as the intricacies involved may push you to the brink of madness.

In Mage Noir, players take the role of mages dueling for supremacy. To win, they will need to perfect their deck, craft spells, and cast them wisely to deplete all of their opponent’s health. In Mage Noir, Mana is shared between players. The more you cast, the more your opponent may react.

This expansion includes 54 new spells that delve deeper into the world of Mage Noir and enhance your deck-building capabilities. It requires the base game to be played.

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