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Mandela Effect

Mandela Effect

Breaking Games

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Discover which player among the group is from an the other timeline by revealing their false memories. A carefully assembled set of 260 questions designed just for this purpose are at your finger tips. But, they might keep you from using your chosen question!

To discover who is from the other timeline, players compare memories as they play The Mandela Effect Card Game to see who remembers correctly and who is convinced that their memories are correct. No player knows who will be discovered to be from the alternate timeline until the conclusion of the game.

On a turn, Player One and Player Two will determine which of the five categories will be in play during their turn using the associated power symbols. Player One will then draw a card from the deck and read aloud the question for that category - brand names, celebrity names, history movies & TV, or music - to the Player Two (the player on their right). If the Player Two correctly states the current reality, they earn a point.

Correct or not, play then passes to the player on the right and a new turn begins. The first player to 13 points wins. The person with the lowest score is from the other timeline and should be reported to the Deep State immediately!

—description from the publisher

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