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Marvel - Allegiance Trading Cards (Display of 16)

Marvel - Allegiance Trading Cards (Display of 16)

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Marvel - Allegiance Trading Cards (Display of 16)

ETA: 31 December 2023

Marvel Infinity Trilogy is the latest storyline to be featured in the Allegiance series. This trading card set highlights brand new thematic inserts, Spectromatic cards, Turning Points holofoil, and rare Infinity Gems die-cut insert! 90-Card Base Set cards: Power, Reality, Space, Time, Mind, and Soul New thematic Inserts - The Disappeared: featuring characters that disappeared after "The Snap!" in the Infinity Gauntlet storyline. - Expeditionary Force: highlighting the team of heroes sent to battle Thanos and the Infinity Watch team in the Infinity War series! - Cosmic Catastrophe: based on the defenders of Earth-616 during the Infinity Crusade storyline! Look for rare 1-of-1 Original Art Sketch Cards! 6 Cards per Pack - 16 Packs per Box *Final quantities not guaranteed may will be subject to allocation as per supplier.

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