Marvel Heroclix the Mighty Thor Starter Set

by Heroclix Marvel

$32.00 USD
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Celebrate the release of the Marvel HeroClix: The Mighty Thor with this all-new HeroClix Starter Set!The Marvel HeroClix: The Mighty Thor Starter Set includes six iconic figures with all-new dials and a brand-new 3D object! This Starter Set features the Avengers Prime team of Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man, joining together to take on all challengers! Other Avengers allies like Hulk and Hercules can join forces against Thor’s mischievous adoptive brother, Loki! Starter Sets are excellent products for new players to learn and play HeroClix! Includes everything a player needs to play HeroClix: one double-sided map, Rulebook, Powers and Abilities Card (PAC), Object and Terrain tokens, Dice, and Character cards.