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Mass Effect - N7 Andromeda Varient 1:1 Helmet

Mass Effect - N7 Andromeda Varient 1:1 Helmet

Development Plus


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Mass Effect - N7 Andromeda Varient 1:1 Helmet

Back in the Milky Way, top combatants in the Systems Alliance military were given an N7 designation. N7 Armour was designed with ablative ceramic plating and kinetic padding to provide most of the hardsuits protection, while sophisticated VIs regulate the user's omni-tool and biotic amps. Based on the in-game item from Mass Effect: Andromeda, Development Plus have brought us this stunning replica in 1:1 scale! The helmet features dark grey paint and carbon fiber textured details along with the iconic N7 insignia painted in white. Light weathering and distress effects have been added to further replicate its appearance in the game, along with white LED lights that illuminate the visor and accents on the sides and back. Continue the legacy. From the Milky Way through the Charon Mass Relay to Andromeda, Alec Ryder has made his mark in history. It's your turn to take the helm as the new Pathfinder. The helmet includes inner adjustable straps to keep it in place, and fits up to an XL helmet size. LED lights powered by x2 AA batteries (not included).

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