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Mekton Zeta: Mecha Manual 2

Mekton Zeta: Mecha Manual 2

R Talsorian

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The Terran-Imperial war turned the cold depths of space into a raging inferno, a firestorm of blazing plasma weaponry wielded by rampaging metallic warriors -- Mektons!

In the pages of this, the second of the Mekton Mecha Manuals, are all the mecha and their variations (47 in all) fielded by both the brave Terrans and the fearsome Imperials.

But there's more! These Invasion Terra Files also give full descriptions of 14 major characters and 14 Starships, as well as history and background info. If you've wanted to roleplay in the Mekton world of "Invasion Terra" or if you just like mecha, then THIS is the book for you!

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