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Mimikyu V

Mimikyu V


SKU: OZC-062/163-URARE

Barcode: 888888106591

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  • Card Number / Rarity: 062/163 / Ultra Rare
  • Card Type / HP / Stage: Psychic / 160 / VMAX
  • Card Text: Ability — Dummy Doll
    When you play this Pokemon from your hand onto your Bench during your turn, you may prevent all damage done to this Mimikyu V by attacks from your opponent's Pokemon until the end of your opponent's next turn.
  • Attack 1: [P] Jealous Eyes
    Put 3 damage counters on your opponent's Active Pokemon for each Prize card your opponent has taken.
  • Weakness / Resistance / Retreat Cost: Dx2 / F-30 / 2
  • Artist: Eske Yoshinob
  • TCGplayer Tip: Mimikyu V cleverly dodges attacks from Pokémon like Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX the turn it comes into play, while dumping irresistible damge with just one energy. It gets even scarrier if you can evolve it into its Dynamax form, Mimikyu VMAX.

SWSH05: Battle Styles Singles. Placeholder Image Provided. The item available is listed in the Title. The item may be similar but not exactly the same as the image (e.g. variation to centering, holofoil pattern or surface detail). Listed cards may have imperfections.
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