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Monument Bags - Hobby GoBag Black

Monument Bags - Hobby GoBag Black

Monument Hobbies


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The Hobby GoBag is the perfect way to transport your paint and materials to and from any destination! Lightweight and made from high-strength nylon, it will carry your brushes, airbrushes, tools, paints and minis all in one manageable package. The bag itself is only 11″ wide x 9″ deep and 8.5″ tall, yet it will carry 48 paints along with an assortment of your minis in the lower compartment. Swap the miniature pluck foam tray for another bottle tray, and you can carry up to 96 paints along with all your brushes and tools! The GoBag also has an upper layer for tool / brush storage. This space has elastic holders for up to 10 brushes, files, or other tools along with a 1″ deep well for palettes / airbrushes / etc. Includes two zipper pockets for storage of papers, glues, Jen’s Drunken Brush Goop! and other things you like to carry along. Everything you need other than your airbrush compressor will fit in the bag! Also has a convenient luggage tag holder to label the contents and a panel of soft-side Velcro to hold your cool patches! All GoBags come with one layer of foam that holds up to 48 bottles of your favorite paint and a 3" layer of pluck foam for models. Purchase additional foam trays to carry more paints or items as needed.

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