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Movie Buff

Movie Buff

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Movie Buff is where folks who pass the time quoting lines and fun film trivia can show off their big screen skills. Each round relies on players’ own movie knowledge, so you can never play the same game twice. You guide the game; we just give you the tools to best show off your skills. Whether it’s a fiercely competitive game with your best buds, or a fun family night, Movie Buff brings it!

The goal of the game is to create Takes to complete the Scene. A Take is laying down at least one each of all four Trivia Cards (Movie, Actor, Role, and Quote) connected to one specific film. A Scene is our fancy “movie speak” way of saying the cards you have been dealt.

Shuffle and deal ten cards to each player. The remaining cards become the Draw Pile. The person who most recently saw a movie begins game by playing one Trivia Card face up in a Play Pile, and naming an Actor, Movie, Role, or Quote, starting the Scene. Player 2 will then play one Trivia or Strategy card face up. Play continues clockwise, with each player using the cards in their hand to keep the Scene going until one player gets rid of all of their cards. If you do not have a playable card, take a card from the Draw Pile and your turn is over. The game ends when one player completes the scene, discarding all the cards in their hand.

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