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NFL: Legends 2023 Bundle - 5 POP! Vinyls

NFL: Legends 2023 Bundle - 5 POP! Vinyls


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NFL: Legends 2023 Bundle - 5 POP! Vinyls

NFL: Legends - Jack Lambert (Steelers) Pop! Vinyl
NFL: Legends - Dan Marino (Dolphins) Pop! Vinyl
NFL: Legends - Mike Singletary (Bears) Pop! Vinyl
NFL: Legends - Joe Montana (Away) Pop! Vinyl
NFL: Legends -Steve Smith Sr (Panthers) Pop! Vinyl

Get ready to relive the glory of football's golden era with the NFL: Legends 2023 Bundle - an extraordinary collection of five legendary figures that pays tribute to some of the most iconic players in the history of the game. Featuring Jack Lambert in his intimidating Steelers gear, the remarkable Dan Marino in his Dolphins jersey, the incomparable Mike Singletary representing the Bears, the legendary Joe Montana in his iconic away uniform, and the unstoppable Steve Smith Sr. from the Panthers, this bundle encapsulates the grit, passion, and excellence that defined their careers. These POP! Vinyls stand as a timeless testament to the unforgettable moments that make NFL history, making them a cherished addition to any football fanatic's collection.

These items come packed in Pop Protectors free of charge to ensure maximum protection in transit.

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