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NHL - 2022/23 Synergy Hockey Cards - Hobby (Display of 8)

NHL - 2022/23 Synergy Hockey Cards - Hobby (Display of 8)

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NHL - 2022/23 Synergy Hockey Cards - Hobby (Display of 8)

ETA: 30 June 2023

2022-23 Synergy Hockey boasts a 125-card base set featuring low-#'d veterans, legends and rookies (regular and SP). With true rookie cards #'d to just 23 and the veteran and legend cards #'d to just 13, the Synergy base set is highly collectible! - The base set breaks down as follows: Veterans (1-60), Legends (61-75), Rookies (76-115) and Rookie SP's (116-125). - Collect both Red and Purple parallels of the complete base set. Fifty-percent of the Red parallel cards, on average, feature a bounty scratch-off code and collecting the complete Red parallel set could earn you amazing bounty award cards. More info below. All of the Purple parallel cards are #'d to 99 or less and many will feature an autograph. - Also keep an eye out for low-#'d (all #'d to 25 or less) Portrait and Auto Portrait variations of the Rookie SP's. BOX BREAK (on average) 8 Base Set, Base Set Legends & Base Set Rookies Red Parallel Cards 50% of these cards, on average, will feature a scratch-off bounty code 5 2030, Star of the Show and/or Thrill Rides Cards 4 Light Up the Night & Light Up the Night Rookies Cards 3 Cranked Up! Cards 3 Rookie Journey and/or Synergistic Duos Cards 1 #'d Base Set, Base Set Rookies SP - Parallel, Auto or Metal/Tech Card

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