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Nyambe RPG - African Adventures

Nyambe RPG - African Adventures

Nyambe RPG

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Nyambe: African Adventures at a Glance

  • The core book for the Nyambe OGL RPG setting.
  • Adventure through a fantasy world based on African legends and history.
  • Brings a new twist to fantasy gaming.

Exotic Lands Await: The World of Nyambe

Adventure through an African fantasy epic using the system of your choice with this OGL setting. The world of Nyambe is based on real African history and mythology.

Here, you will find Wakyambi elves and mad omurogo wizards, drum dancers and shamen, zombis and vodou nkisi statues. Adventure awaits…if you dare seek it.

This book includes an extensive bibliography to provide background and inspiration for more stories.

An Adventurer's Guidebook: What is in Nyambe: African Adventures?

This OGL resource gives you all of the setting information you need to play in the world of Nyambe—all you need is your d20 system of choice!

Inside, you'll find human and variant non-human races that inhabit Nyambe, core and prestige classesskills and featsmagic rules, enemies, and creatures.

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