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Over the Edge RPG - First Edition - It Waits

Over the Edge RPG - First Edition - It Waits

Over the Edge RPG

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It Waits… at a Glance

  • Hunt down creatures that aren’t entirely what they seem in this spine-tingling adventure for Over the Edge first edition.
  • Incorporate three new and shifty locations — the dump, Deadville, and the sewers — into you other stories.
  • Provides lots of strange creatures full of the Over the Edge weirdness you know and love.

It’s Harmless, We Think: More about It Waits…

The guys in the suits say their missing lab animals are harmless, but in Al Amarja, you just never know. This place is always producing new and interesting surprises, and not all of them are friendly. And did someone say “blood-sucking cockroaches”?! That doesn’t sound harmless at all.

Explore new corners of the island with this scenario for Over the Edge first edition. Inside, you’ll find several new strange creatures, a Secret Race, three dangerous locations, a collection of GMCs including one who might turn out to be your best friend, your worst enemy, or both at the same time.

It Waits… is out of print. It requires Over the Edge first edition to play.

It Waits…: Contents

  • About This Adventure
    • GM Information
  • Starting Things Off
    • GM Information
    • GMC
  • GM’s Eyes Only
    • The Truth About What’s Going On
    • Things That Not Even HyperGen Knows
    • Running This Adventure
  • Deadville
  • The Garbage Dump
  • The Sewers
    • Encounters
  • The Lair of the Rats
    • What Might Happen Next
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