Pack O Game Mix Pack Set One DISPLAY

by Ozzie Collectables

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Pack O Game is a series of easily portable card-based strategy micro games in a gum-sized tuck box with a variety of mechanics complexity and theme.

- HUE - Secretly choose 3 colors and build the largest color sections in this fast-playing tile-laying strategy game.
- TKO - Compete for the TKO Belt as you maneuver around the ring in this clever boxing game.
- GEM - Players are jewel collectors in this tense auction game of asset leverage and wit.
- FLY - Get swattin’ in this exciting dexterity set-collecting game!
- TAJ - Players assume the roles of ancient rug collectors vying to display their collection in the Taj Mahal.
- LIE - Be the last liar playing in this game of cunning speculation.
- BUS - You’ll need absolute effiency in this quick “Pick up and Deliver” game of balancing speed and maximum capacity.
- SHH - Players cooperate as a single team to spell words in order to rid their hands of as many letters as possible.

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