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PANINI 2021-2022 Mosaic Soccer Blaster

PANINI 2021-2022 Mosaic Soccer Blaster

Panini America, Inc.

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The Mosaic brand returns to international soccer with 2021-22 Mosaic Road to FIFA World Cup™.


The PANINI 2021-2022 Mosaic Soccer Blaster is a trading card product released by Panini America, a company known for producing sports trading cards. Mosaic is a popular brand within the Panini portfolio, and the Blaster edition refers to a specific configuration or type of product.

Blaster boxes are typically smaller and more affordable compared to hobby boxes. They are designed to be more accessible for casual collectors or those looking for a lower-cost option. Blaster boxes often contain a mix of base cards, inserts, and sometimes exclusive content.

In the case of the PANINI 2021-2022 Mosaic Soccer Blaster, you can expect to find soccer trading cards featuring players from the 2021-2022 season. The exact content and configuration may vary, but typically, Blaster boxes include a certain number of packs with a set number of cards per pack.

The Mosaic brand is known for its vibrant and mosaic-like designs, which often incorporate different patterns and colors. The cards may include base cards featuring various players, as well as special inserts such as parallels, autographs, and memorabilia cards.

4 Cards per Pack
8 Packs per Box

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