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Pasion de las Pasiones RPG - Core Rulebook

Pasion de las Pasiones RPG - Core Rulebook

Pasion de las Pasiones


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Pasión de las Pasiones is an RPG of telenovelas Powered by the Apocalypse, allowing you to tell stories like Yo Soy Betty, La FeaMarimar, and Jane the Virgin among many other telenovelas! In Pasión de las Pasiones, you take on the role of the main characters in your own telenovela. Scheme for power and property! Embrace your desire! Fight for what you deserve!

Pasión de las Pasiones uses playsets to help you set up and create your own ongoing telenovela, with plotlines and past episodes to call on at will during your game. You'll have dramatic flashbacks, surprising reveals, and intense showdowns between rivals, all supported by a strong rules framework that emphasizes the fiction of the show.

The version presented here is a quickstart version with updated basic rules and 6 playbooks, along with the basic game information you need to play. With this quickstart you can easily play a couple sessions of Pasión, enough to play through the trials and tribulations of these heroes and villains. Pasión de las Pasiones is on Kickstarter now in February of 2020!

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