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Pathfinder Second Edition: Harrow Deck

Pathfinder Second Edition: Harrow Deck



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Divine your destiny with the Pathfinder Harrow Deck, the legendary fortune-telling cards of Pathfinder’s Age of Lost Omens setting! With this 54-card, full-color set of fortune-telling cards, you’ll learn how to

include the harrow in any tabletop RPG game and enhance play with immersive fortune-telling methods and other insights. With vivid all-new art, exciting printing treatments, patterned backing, and a size common to many real-world tarot decks, the Harrow Deck straddles the line between game supplement and storytelling set piece.


Also included is a small booklet that provides details on the history of the harrow, how to simulate fortune-telling readings for your group, and details on the meanings and roles of all 54 cards in the collection! Next time your players encounter a fortune teller at the carnival or a sooth-sayer at the local tavern, don't just tell them their future—show it to them with the Pathfinder Harrow Deck!


Sales Points

  • The THIRD edition of one of Paizo’s most popular accessories ever, with all-new art, super-deluxe print treatments, and gorgeous graphic design—the most beautiful Harrow Deck to date!
  • ALL previous editions of the Harrow Deck sold out their original print runs swiftly, and we expect this version to be no different.
  • Sturdy display box for easy store display and consumer storage.
  • Numerous product tie-ins throughout 2023, including the three-month Stolen Fate Adventure Path, which centers on the Harrow Deck itself, making this supplement an ideal purchase for all Stolen Fate GMs!
  • Extensive marketing support throughout 2023.


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