Pathfinder Second Edition Lost Omens Impossible Lands

by Pathfinder

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Imagine the Impossible! In a land still scarred by a war between two undying archmages and their respective nations, reality defies the rules binding the rest of the world. Cities crafted by wishes and fields harvested by the walking dead lay in between lands where magic warps and twists with an undefinable will. Explore the history of immortal wizard kings, wield explosive and unusual technology, and channel awe-inspiring legends in a region where the present is still haunted by the past, and echoes of destruction still shudder across the minds and souls of those who brave the Impossible Lands!


Sales Points

  • Reveals new secrets and game rules connected to one of the most intriguing and in-demand regions of the Pathfinder world!
  • Includes several new player character ancestries.
  • Works in concert with Pathfinder Book of the Dead, the latest Pathfinder Second Edition rules expansion (March 2022).
  • Character rules sanctioned in the international Pathfinder Society Organized Play program!
  • Extensive marketing support throughout 2022.