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Players Archive RPG

Players Archive RPG

Troll Lord Games

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Players Archive RPG

Castles & Crusades is an easy to learn role playing game, but even it could use some quick reference guides! In the Player Archive, you will find just that, with all the classes presented in the C&C Players Handbook, C&C Adventurers Backpack and some from Amazing Adventures all in one convenient book. The entries in Character Classes are alphabetized for quick and easy reference. It also includes a host of options for multi-classing your character! Most everyone wants an edge, an angle that allows them to take that extra step, achieve that extra goal, to surprise the enemy. This angle, in hard fought battles with certain loss, can turn and snatch victory from the jaws of disaster.  Expanding Classes is just that angle. Herein we delve into the 13 standard C&C classes, and the Rune Mark, and unleash the power of multiclassing, enhanced classes and switching classes. Create new characters that combine the powers of several classes, or breath life into old characters, long used to the campaign trail, by switching classes! Expand your game with Expanding Classes!

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