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Pokemon Plush 12" Scorbunny

Pokemon Plush 12" Scorbunny

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Scorbunny is a Fire-type Pokemon and is one of the starter Pokemon in the Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield video games.

The 12" Scorbunny plush indicates its size, measuring approximately 12 inches (30 centimeters) in height. The plush is typically made of soft materials like polyester fibers and is designed to resemble Scorbunny with its orange fur, large ears, and energetic expression. It may also feature details such as black eyes, a small nose, and a fluffy tail.

The 12" Scorbunny plush is sought after by Pokemon fans, collectors, and enthusiasts who have an affinity for Fire-type Pokemon or who specifically enjoy Scorbunny's energetic and playful character. The plush can be used for display, decoration, or as a huggable companion, providing comfort and cuteness.

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