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Pokemon Squirtle Sleeping 5" Plush

Pokemon Squirtle Sleeping 5" Plush

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The Pokemon Squirtle Sleeping 5" Plush refers to a stuffed toy featuring the character Squirtle from the Pokemon franchise. Squirtle is one of the original starter Pokemon from the first generation of games and is known for its water-based abilities.

The Squirtle Sleeping plush is designed to depict Squirtle in a sleeping position. It typically measures around 5 inches in height and is made of soft fabric material. The plush toy usually features Squirtle with its eyes closed, lying on its side, and appearing peaceful and relaxed.

This Squirtle plush is a popular item among Pokemon fans and collectors who enjoy having various merchandise featuring their favorite Pokemon characters. It's a cute and cuddly representation of Squirtle that can be used for display or as a soft toy for playing or hugging.

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