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Pulp!! is a skirmish miniature game set in the adventurous world of the old pulps. Players control groups of 3 to 12 figures, controlling Heroes, Villains, Sidekicks, Henchmen, and many supporting characters. A game lasts typically 1 to 2 hours, and can be linked to other sessions in a campaign.

Each turn the players roll to determine who has Initiative.

Next, the characters that are still locked in Melee from the previous turn get to fight a round of combat or attempt to withdraw from the fight.

Then the main part of the turn begins. Players alternate activating Units. Models in an activating Unit check their cohesion. Models may be In Touch with one another or Out Of Touch. Models roll to determine if they will receive a Full or Partial Activation – models In Touch having a better chance to activate fully.

Models in the active Unit resolve their Full and/or Partial Activation. They may walk, run, attack with ranged or melee weapons, get ready to fire, or take a defensive stance. Special Points can be spent to purchase special Benefits.

When a fight occurs, the attacking Model rolls a number of dice equal to the Impact value of their weapon. The number to meet or exceed to score a Hit is based on the character’s Ability. For each Hit inflicted, the target gets a Save roll based on their Protection value. Each unsaved Hit results in a Suppression or a Wound.
Suppressions impair the target; Wounds get the character closer to be removed from the game.

After all Models in a Unit have resolved their Active and/or Partial Activations, another Unit activates. Activations continue this way until all Units have acted. At that point tokens that do not apply anymore are removed from the play area, and a new turn is started.

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