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Puzzle Strike II: Bold Adventures Expansion

Puzzle Strike II: Bold Adventures Expansion

Ozzie Collectables


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Requires Puzzle Strike II (base set).

This expansion contains ten new characters and four new community decks for Puzzle Strike II. Each deck has a new game mechanic and theme.

  • Haunted House: Discarding cards becomes a resource and lots of perks trigger off it.
  • Dinosize: Huge effects! Several cards cost 4 actions, which is more than in any other deck. You get help to actually play these huge effects.
  • Steam Crank: Many cards have a "chain" mechanic that gives you a bonus if you play cards of the same color consecutively.
  • Puzzle Pets: The creatures are the stars of this deck. You can evolve them from level 1 to 2 to 3. Can you catch them all?
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