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Revelations is the new version of the adult stand-alone sequel to Feelinks. After the success of Feelinks, the first adult party game with the emotions as a theme comes back with a more powerful rule.

Revelations is fully cooperative and plays in about 30 minutes for 2 to 8 players. While never being rude or inappropriate, this sassy game presents over 300 situations intended for adults and teenagers over 16.

During a game, you:

  • Pick a card and choose a situation to read.
  • Choose the emotion that matches how you feel
  • Choose a player whose emotion you want to guess
  • Take a step for each emotion correctly guessed among the players
  • Proceed to the next situation.

As the main course of a romantic evening or as the dessert of good game night with friends, Revelations will test how well players know each other...

Will you reach the top of the empathy track ?

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