Rise of Tribes Deluxe Upgrade

by Ozzie Collectables

$31.00 USD
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Take your table presence and play of Rise of Tribes to the next Era. Gather from forests, lakes, mountains with 72 wooden resource upgrades! Invader meeples, villages and other cardboard tokens are replaced by these colorful wood bits that match the look of your base game tribe members.

Unlocked by Kickstarter backers and available in limited quantities at retail, in total the Rise of Tribes Deluxe Upgrade adds 94 custom meeples (mammoths, volcanoes and more) and upgrades resources to wooden components. This accessory to Rise of Tribes ships in it's own beautifully illustrated box AND fits right inside the base game box.

Replacing the standard game tokens, now you will tame the giant mammoth meeple, or add an awe-inspiring volcano to your game. Ride the dugout canoe through the lakes, but beware of the sabertooth in the mountains.

Requires base game to play. Ships separately from the base game.