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Rising Sun Dynasty Invasion

Rising Sun Dynasty Invasion



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Sailing across the ocean from another land, the Dynasty Invasion brings two full new Clans, who will count on their own Seven Lucky Gods and introduce an extra Set of Season cards! This expansion brings a lot of extra variety to Rising Sun, featuring two Clans that forego the allegiance of Japanese Monsters, relying on their own Seven Lucky Gods instead. The Dynasty Invasion expansion box contains: 27 Miniatures 1 Moon Clan Daimyo 3 Moon Clan Shinto 3 Moon Clan Bushi A 3 Moon Clan Bushi B 1 Sun Clan Daimyo 3 Sun Clan Shinto 3 Sun Clan Bushi A 3 Sun Clan Bushi B 7 Lucky Gods 4 Plastic Clan Markers 2 Clan Screens 1 Political/War Tile 8 Stronghold Tokens 15 Season Cards 7 Lucky God Monster Cards 20 Counter Bases
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