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ROOM: Agus & Monsters

ROOM: Agus & Monsters

Ozzie Collectables

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Tada! This is Agus Pianola, a very absent-minded and a bit cheeky boy who should tidy up his room, but he always waits for his mother to remind him of that because he never finds a good moment to do it. And obviously, in a messy room you can lose many things such as: balls, video games, essays... but you can also find others...
What would you do if one day you woke up and you found your room full of monsters?

  • The game is played in rounds until all the cards have been played. A different player starts each round!
  • The starting player decides which category rules (books, clothes or food) and then, each player, in turn order, places 1, 2 or 3 cards facing up on the table.
  • If you play a character card, you shall think which effect it will have!
  • When all the players have made their play, the one with the most icons of the ruling category, scores all the cards.
  • Then it’s the turn of the player on their right and another round starts. And we continue like this until all players run out of cards.
  • And if a player has no cards left, their turn is skipped and it’s next player’s turn.


  • When there are no cards left, each player will count the monsters drawn on their scored cards (the ones which they won!).
  • The player with the most monsters is the winner!
  • In case of a tie, Mr. Flat scores double; if there is still a tie, you shall play again to break the tie!
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