Sauriana: Explorer's Club Starter Box

by Ozzie Collectables

$50.00 USD
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The Explorer's Club plies its trade the world over, hunting beasts both prehistoric and modern. The Biggest Game is all that matters - taking trophies in the form of pelts, saurian ivory, teeth and tall tales. Each member of the Explorer's Club is an intrepid explorer, trailblazer, hunter or huntress capable of navigating an untamed wilderness where predators roam freely.
This Faction Starter Box contains five miniatures: a Rhinophile, Gamekeeper, and three Gorgonopsid Mastiffs, for a flexible posse that can go toe-to-toe with the worst their opponents can throw at them.
Game Contents:

  • 5x Metal Miniatures 
  • 3x Stat Cards
  • 1x Quickplay Rules Pamphlet
  • 5x 28.5mm Round Base