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Shadow Kingdoms of Valeria Rise of Titan

Shadow Kingdoms of Valeria Rise of Titan

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Lord Nore, the Lich King, has sacrificed his essence to bring you the Shrine of the Titans. He has unearthed ancient spells and powerful Wraiths! Now is the time to send your hordes to great battles and crush the people of Valeria that have taken your lands. With these new powers at your disposal, will you be able to reclaim your glory?

Shadow Kingdoms of Valeria: Rise of Titans adds 4 exciting modules to add to the base game. Add 1, all, or mix and match your favorites. The modules give you access to Great Battles where all players share in the victory, Wraith dice, epic Ancient Spell cards, and the Shrine of the Titans. Finally, after all of these years of bloody clashes and sacrifice, you will have the upper hand in vanquishing the oppressors of Valeria!

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