Shadows of Brimstone Magma Giant XL Enemy Pack

by Ozzie Collectables

$53.00 USD
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Rising up out of the burning pools of fiery magma that fill the Caverns of Cynder, these gargantuan creatures are made from molten rock. Towering over the other inhabitants of their domain, the Magma Giant smashes everything in sight with its burning fists and hatefilled rage! This new enemy comes as one plastic sprue, one XL base, a rule sheet and assembly guide, an enemy sheet, 12 Lava Space Markers, 6 Burning markers, 3 eight-sided dice, and a deck of 8 cards. One card is a Lava Spaces/Burning Markers rule summary, the others are all Epic Threats: one generic "1 Magma Giant", and three pairs of cards themed to the Caverns of Cynder, the Blasted Wastes, and the Belly of the Beast (one of the worlds in the Forbidden Fortress core box), respectively. The CoC pair is "1 Magma Giant" and "1 Magma Giant and 1 Threat card", the other pairs are "1 Wasteland Giant" (BW) and "1 Bile Giant" (BotB). These last two are enemy variants.