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Sideshow Originals - Dark Sorceress Statue

Sideshow Originals - Dark Sorceress Statue

Sideshow Collectibles

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Sideshow Originals - Dark Sorceress Statue

"My purpose is unknowable... my power is unfathomable." Sideshow presents the Dark Sorceress: Guardian of the Void Statue, an original horror character created to thrill and chill your collection. The Dark Sorceress: Guardian of the Void Statue measures 20.25" tall as the sorceress rises from a shadowy ritual atop a ceremonial dais. Imbued with purple arcane energy, the Dark Sorceress is marked with white runes, touched by her communion with profound darkness. Clutching her ancient and powerful staff, she calls forth the void, a magic that she alone possesses. The polystone Dark Sorceress Statue is fully sculpted with immense detail, creating a frightening and fantastical original figure that bewitches the imagination. With a pale complexion that contrasts her dark essence, the sorceress wears elaborate jewelry with a swirling motif that evokes the curling darkness at her feet. She has long black hair and piercing white eyes, and her red lips and the red gem-like accents on her costume add an additional pop of color to her unnerving, ethereal beauty. Wield the darkness for yourself and bring home the Dark Sorceress: Guardian of the Void Statue from Sideshow Originals today! Story Concept: Somewhere beyond life and death exists a darkness... Everything that is unknown, unfathomable to the human imagination thrives there. Many weak minds have tried and failed to comprehend the depths of this darkness, driven mad by the truth of what they uncovered. But there is one who can pierce the veil of oblivion... The Dark Sorceress, a mysterious woman of immense eldritch power, stands alone as the guardian of the void and all its shadowy secrets. She possesses an arcane staff whose very essence is forged of crystallized darkness, and it serves as the key to unleashing the terrifying and awe-inspiring horrors of the abyss onto our world. But is the Dark Sorceress truly defending humanity from the shadows? Or does she have a more sinister purpose? Peer into the gloom if you dare to experience- Dark Sorceress: Guardian of the Void!

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