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Sla Industries - Collateral

Sla Industries - Collateral

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Threat Analysis keeps a watchful eye on the dangers posed to SLA Operatives, employees and civilians alike, informing those whose job it is to deal with them; you, the Operatives. The classification of threats is split amonst the Four Cs - Corporate, Conflict, Cult and Collateral. Collateral threats are those that come from the corporate greed and exploitation resulting from the progress SLA Industries imposes in the World of Progress. 

These are the enemies spawned from the universe SLA Industries has created.

The Cannibals, Carrien and Dream Entities are all a direct result of the actions of SLA Industries but the Aethernauts and Aether Trackers of Naga 7 do not stand alone in their fight against these enemies of SLA Industries. They are joined by an old ally, as the Manchine threat shows signs of returning to the fold.

Threat Analysis 1: Collateral is 224 lavishly illustrated pages of horrifying threats and supportive allies for SLA Industries: 2nd Edition. This tome contains dozens of threats for Operatives to deal with, familiar and new, all with easy-to-read stat blocks, updated for the S5S rules, and descriptive art and text to the standard you've become accustomed to from Nightfall Games. In addition to these challenges, you get chapters about the numerous gangs of Downtown, deadly Serial Killers, terrifying Manchines, and creepy Dream Entities.

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