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Sobek 2 Players (By Bruno Cathala) With Promo Item

Sobek 2 Players (By Bruno Cathala) With Promo Item

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Sobek 2 Players (By Bruno Cathala) With Promo Item

Pick the good tiles but beware of your opponent's possibilities.

2 Players  |  20 Mins  |  Ages 10+

Features: End Game Bonuses, Hand Management, Set Collection, Variable Set-up


Construction is underway on a temple dedicated to Sobek. A huge market has emerged nearby, supplied by the continuous flow of feluccas and pirogues along the Nile. Your Guild of Merchants is determined to take advantage of this unbelievable opportunity, and ready to use any means to grab sumptuous goods out of the way of your opponent. Beware, though, as it will be crucial not to have accumulated too much corruption when the time of reckonings arrives.

In Sobek: 2 Players, everything is about timing. Planning ahead and analysing which opportunities you offer to you opponent on their next move is key to playing the best moves and winning the game.

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